KittehCoin (MEOW)

KittehCoin is a peer-to-peer internet currency that enables instant payments to anyone in the world. It is based on the scrypt proof-of-work algorithm. New blocks are generated every 60 seconds. Total coins are 25,000,000,000. Random block rewards for first several tiers of payout schedule. Difficulty is retargeted after each block using the Kimoto Gravity Well algorithm (KGW).

Lynx hardfork

As you might have heard already a hardfork occurred on the 24th of december at approximately 9:30 UTC. Everyone owning kittehcoin in their own kittehcoin wallet (so not on an exchange) received an equal amount of Lynx after the fork. For more information please see

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Lynx Wallet  (recommended)

Wallets overview

KittehCoin Wallets (old):

Download Windows Wallet

Download Windows 64-bit Wallet

Download Mac Wallet


 More Information

What do I have to do to receive Lynx?
Absolutely nothing (yet). Just make sure your kittehcoins are safe and secure in your personal Kittehcoin wallet and wait till the fork while we do all the hard work :)

But.. my Lynx??
More info on exactly how to extract the Lynx from your Kittehcoin wallet after the fork happend will be provided. A video showing you exactly how to “get” your Lynx will be made available on the website soon after the fork.

Will I receive Lynx if I leave my Kittehcoin on an exchange like Cryptopia?
No. While we are still in conversation with exchanges it is best to not get your hopes up on getting Lynx through exchanges.

How many Lynx coins will I receive?
After the fork you will receive exactly 1 Lynx for every 1 Kittehcoin you own in your Kittehcoin wallet.

Where can I download the Lynx wallet?
As of now the Lynx wallet has not been made public yet. When it’s fully tested and ready to go you will be able to download it at

I downloaded the Kittehcoin wallet but I have no connections?
In some cases the wallet won’t sync properly because it is trying to connect to old nodes. If this is the case for you, you can download this config file and put add this config file in C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\KittehCoin. Restart the wallet and it should start syncing right away.

The Mac directory is ~/Library/Application Support/KittehCoin/

Linux: ~/.KittehCoin/

If you want to use a bootstrap.dat file instead for syncing you can use this

My Kittehcoin wallet is displaying a notification. Are my coins safe?
Yes. Your coins are absolutely safe. This is not a virus of any kind and the wallet nor your key is comprised.

The wallet may throw an notification saying:“Alert Key Compromised, upgrade required”. You can safely ignore this notice, it is due to the Lynx nodes that are already running. It will be resolved after the 24th of december when Lynx forks off.

My virusscanner says the wallet contains a virus??
This is a false positive. The old Kittehcoin wallet as a miner built into it. This is what triggers  some anti-virus software.

I want to mine, is there a pool I can use?